Abir Kobeissi 2021
Abir Kobeissi, Caresse-moi 2021

As a continuity to my last embroidery Series “Kauf mir einen Aufenthaltstitel” I am shifting from German language imperative form to French language imperative form, this is when this form of addressing a potential perceiver, turns from a command into an invitation, a sexy and erotic love language.

Knotted, chained-connected hankerchiefs installed to caress your body while you are entering and circulating in the exhibition space. I am trying to build connections. My relational art work is inviting you with a touch temptation to interact.

Handkerchiefs have always been used as a way of secret love declaration, in times when women were shy and not allowed to express themselves as nowadays in some societies. 

Caresse-moi! Abir Kobeissi, a phone number, with perfume and silk threads embroidered on every single handkerchief in the exhibition, is not a secret message anymore! Written on the mirror, expressing urgency and need for attention, for the sake to be touched, in times of pandemic and skin hunger.

Caresse-moi, Handkerchiefs/Stoffhandtücher Installation.

Abir Kobeissi, Caresse-moi 2021
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