Thirty three is a Series of 33 Photographed Self portraits of Abir Kobeissi.

These Portraits address simultaneously how the artist sees herself and feels about herself.

Her Arab identity, her gender, her background , her place of residency , the many languages she speaks, the recipes she cooks, all of her heritage mixed with the now and the actual, is represented in a very carefully chosen and made sceneries and costumes to make a self portrait the way Abir Kobeissi is making it.

Here are a couple of the photos from the series 33.

Abir is looking for an exhibition opportunity in Munich to exhibit this series, PLEASE CONTACT ABIR if you have a collaborative idea:

Abir Kobeissi- “re-defining Beauty, re-presenting Beauty” photoprint- 2021
Abir Kobeissi-Bonjour Allahu Akbar-photoprint-2021
Abir Kobeissi-Hoppala! I guess I hit too far it landed in Palestine- photo print- 2021